Katlamäe trip

Name of hiking trip: KATLAMÄE TRIP
Rough length of hiking trip: 10 km
Location: Katlamägi swamp island, Linnuraba Nature Reserve, Adila village, Kohila parish, Harju county

We will see fantastic Tondipea fields, whereas in the full summer days (mid-June to mid-July) it is possible to enjoy blue dragons (dracocephalum ruyschiana) – blue beauties in full play of their blossom. NB! Some places may surprise you with even more rare plant – single-growing white dragons, which are unknown in any other part of the world. By the time the landscape of the field turns totally blue giving an impression of something unearthly. Speaking about flowers and orchids, let’s mention a variety of cupped flowers which delight eyes from the beginning of summer to its height in the lowlands, lying between the swamp islands in this part of Estonia. Then, the path goes from Tondipea field via Kadikumägi swamp island to Katlamägi glint. The eastern shore of Katlamägi swamp island is a marvellous slope where mainly the old lime-trees and oaks grow. The swamp islands feature lots of stone piles from the old days, which might refer to the fact that a man might have been living and working there with the aim of cattle and crop farming. The menu of lunch break in Katlamägi includes hot tea boiled from plants grown in the Estonian countryside, freshly baked scones, and chocolate for dessert. After hiking in Katlamägi and having enjoyed its wonders to the fullest, we will head to the next swamp island, Künnimägi, whose name in Estonian refers to ploughing and field cultivating. The island, similar to the previously visited swamp islands, looks really wild with its untouched platyfyllous grove and the dominating old oaks and lime-trees. In addition to the lime-trees and oaks, all the above-mentioned islands are rich in hazels. Künnimägi and Kiviallika mägi, the last is located to the north-west of the former, are especially notorious for abundance of hazel. So, when nuts ripen (in September), it is the time to go and pick them up. The mushroom season will also please mushroom hunters with various sorts of porcinis and milk caps. There is one unique place on the western shore of Künnimägi which is well worth visiting to take your time and breath in the beauty and magic of the wild nature. Here one will find the oak with an old hole in it, with a small open space around as the other trees are situated at a distance of 2-5 metres away. And one more thing: to the left of the oak-trees, right on the shore of the swamp island there is a mysterious small grove consisting of seven lime-trees standing close to each other. The place looks like an old sacrifice altar. In the course of trekking adventure, we will retell you local legends, speak about the history of ancient Estonians, the mythology and traditions. We will talk about the names of the places, e.g. learn where Katlamägi got its name from. At the end of hiking day you can order a rich supper from organic products which is served in Lau village. Supper and a choice of dishes should be pre-ordered 3 days before. In addition, there is an opportunity to go to a smoke sauna and stay in the village for a night. An archaic looking smoke sauna is located near an idyllically peaceful pond, reflecting back the look, feel and smell of how people lived in the olden days. It plays the main role in time traveling (Ajamatkad), in bringing us back to our past.

Summer season 01.05-30.10

Winter season 01.12-01.03

Recommended maximum amount of participators in hiking trip – 8-12 persons

Price per person – 33 euros. Price includse guide service (2 guides), hot tea (boiled from plants grown in the Estonian countryside) and singing ancient Estonian metre songs with harp accompaniment. Hiking tours last around 9 hours, meal, drink and stops for break included.

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