Kangla trip

Name of hiking trip: KANGLA TRIP
Rough length of hiking trip: 9 km
Location: Kassalu bog, Kangla village, Raasiku parish, Harju county

We will visit Vana-Väljamägi – one of the relatively mountainous swamp islands in the North-Estonia, which is mainly covered in oak forest of approx. 80-100-year-old trees. Most of the oaks are mossy at the bottom, so it looks like the trees are wearing green clothing. This mysterious place is perfect for keeping yourself to yourself. Apart from Vana-Väljamägi we will hike to such swamp islands as Kassalumägi, Kangruotimägi, Kangepässimägi, Imumägi, Sarvemägi, Ämmamägi and Sepamägi. All of them are covered with relatively old platyfyllous groves, where oaks prevail, though some limes and spruces are also found. In summer a lot of different orchids can be spotted on the lowland boggy area between the swamp islands. In the early spring (April, May) you can still get cranberries from Kassalu bogs, when berries become especially sweetish after winter frosts. September is the time for gathering nuts, so let’s go to Vana-Väljamägi. All swamp islands, and, first of all, Vana-Väljamägi and Kangruotimägi are very stony. In some places the stones are quite big and flat, resembling smaller dance floors. In the course of trekking adventure, we will retell you local legends, speak about the history of ancient Estonians, the mythology and traditions. The menu of lunch break in Sepamägi includes hot tea boiled from plants grown in the Estonian countryside. At the end of hiking tour, for additional pay, you can order a rich supper in Viikingite Küla (Vikings’ settlement), located in Saula village. Menus are provided upon a request. Hikers, who wish to order supper, should make order not later than a day in advance, indicating their choice of dishes. There is also an opportunity to enjoy an archaic cave sauna. Cave sauna is presumably one of the most archaic types of sauna. For ages, a countless number of sauna users enjoyed steam bath benefits. Sauna has always had a strong magical importance in traditional life of Estonians. We have been using sauna as a way to hunt away evil spirits, or place for keeping fit. Sauna was a place where life started and ended. Sauna bench may accommodate 10 people, and up to 20 people can share tables in the dressing-room.

Summer season 15.04-30.10

Winter season 01.12-01.03

Recommended maximum amount of participators in hiking trip – 8-12 persons

Price per person – 33 euros. Price includse guide service (2 guides), hot tea (boiled from plants grown in the Estonian countryside) and singing ancient Estonian metre songs with harp accompaniment. Hiking tours last around 8 hours, meal, drink and stops for break included.

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