Kohala trip

Name of hiking trip: KOHALA TRIP
Rough length of hiking trip: 8 km
Location: Metsaküla, Ohepalu Nature Reserve, Kadrina parish, Lääne-Viru (West-Viru) county

We will visit a former mountainous Metsaküla and see the old day farmsteads. We will discuss what the life was like in those days, what people used to do and think. The stunning views to the wind rose open in the middle of the village. We will visit a mountainous Lehmanisasaar covered with a wild forest, then walk across Udriku bog and reach a shore of Mädajärv lake which locates near the bog. You can swim on request as the water near the lake shore is up to waist within a distance of 10m and the lake bottom is covered with a pleasant velvet bog muck carpet. In early spring we pick up padelions and primroses, as well as help those who want to look for morels in their searches in forest. In the cowberry season (from the end of June to beginning of July) you can pick up cowberries, in the season of hazelnuts (beginning of September to beginning of October) – go to Lehmanisasaar to hunt nuts. At the end of the hiking tour, for additional pay, it is possible to order a rich supper from organic products which is served in Ohepalu village. Supper and a choice of dishes should be pre-ordered at least 3 days before. There is also an opportunity to enjoy an archaic Finnish sauna. The Finnish sauna is an archaically-looking wooden nut located near an idyllical peaceful pond. Since the household has no electricity, the light is provided from candles and oil-lamps. At sauna goes’ disposal there is a fire-place room, outdoor grill with seating wood lumps and fire-pit with benches.

Summer season 01.05-30.10

Winter season 01.12-01.03

recommended maximum amount of participators in hiking trip – 8 persons

for an exact price consult with a service provider. hiking tours last 5-8 hours, meals, drink and stops for break included.

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