Kurese trip

Name of hiking trip: KURESE TRIP
Rough length of hiking trip: 6 km
Location: Kurese village, Kurese Landscape Reserve, Koonga parish, Pärnu county

We will explore a legendary abandoned Kurese village overlooking scenic splendours of surroundings. Kurese village is a kind of an open book – where ruins of houses, that were located in a sort of cluster, speak for themselves about woes or miseries they have seen and gone through. We can see closer different types of rural constructions (houses, wells, cellars, stone fences and many more… that were built using lime-stone), take a brisk walk to two idyllic springs coming out in Kurese village. One more path takes us to Pakamägi (where an ancient settlement used to be long ago) and mystical Salumägi, to see nearby a site of ancient settlement Kurese with a circular earthwork and look at the Tütar Pakku mägi (Munamägi), next we will head to another idyllic place – Kõivumägi and turn to Kalmimägi. We will learn to recognize various meadow, field, bog and forest plants. In the evening, after hiking, we visit an idyllic adjacent old village Pikavere, lined with the lime-stone fences (the village once got a title of the “most beautiful village of the year”). There is an opportunity to purchase local ecological produce and have supper for additional pay. Choice of soups: beetroot soup, cabbage soup, peasant’s soup, solyanka, meat ball soup, etc. The main course: stewed beef (Jamie Oliver’s), cutlet, meat loaf, etc. Organic beef. Drinks: milk or fruit-drink. Dessert: curd cream, home-made ice-cream, cake. Hikers who would like to order supper should inform 3 days before day of tour, specifying their menu choice. Apart from supper, Finnish sauna is available, too in neighbouring Pereküla village.

Summer season 15.04-30.10

Winter season 01.12-01.03

recommended maximum amount of participators in hiking trip – 35 persons

for an exact price consult with a service provider. hiking tours last 5-8 hours, meals, drink and stops for break included.

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