Hiker’s Reminder

Dear fellow traveller!

Here are some tips to remember if you come trekking.

Trekking clothes should be convenient and light enough, though protect from heat or cold. In cold or cool weather it is better to wear multi-clothes to dress or undress according to the temperature. Even in summer you should bring a raingear or a jacket. One never knows what weather surprises may spring any season or time of the year. As we move a lot across damp areas and cross rivers, springs and ditches, it is better to wear high water-proof or rubber boots that help you keep feet dry, and what’s more – protect from asps, although, this is only a minor danger as we move in groups. A group causes vibration of ground and, generally, asps will disappear. Mites constitute another danger, so clothing must be tight, without holes or openings, and in lighter tones. Mites are better visible against light background, and thus can be quickly removed. In the season of mosquitoes apply some insect repellent.

It’s a good idea to take along some takeaway and drink. Of course, we serve herbs tea and a chocolate, but some hikers would prefer to have extra snack. Do not forget about camera – lots of unique moments and photos are guaranteed. Also, those who are keen on mushroom and herb hunting, could bring along a knife and a bag. Paper bag is the best for such gatherings.

And last but not least, cheerful mood and a wish to do something unusual and adventurous are always welcome. On our part, we may advice you to be open to any new things, to discover and enjoy everything the nature could offer you.

All rubbish, produced during trekking, should be collected and taken away into special containers. Let’s respect the local environment.

Why trekking in the wilderness is only arranged for up to 9 persons? For the very simple reason – in order not to disturb the peace in the forest or damage the landscape by trekking in a big group.

Dear fellow traveller, do not hesitate to ask more about trekking options.

Warm regards,

Marek Laimets


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