Mythic Saaremaa

These tours introduce picturesque places of nature entwined with mythical and holy threads in the central, north-western, western, southern and south-eastern parts of Saaremaa. We tell you about the mythical ancient time, ancient fight for liberty, about Kalevs and Kalevs’ virgins, Tõll the Great and Piret, Odin and Thor, Kaali Lake, magic and casting magic spells, and also of Saaremaa churches and St. Katherine. During the tour we sing archaic Kalevala rhyming songs in order to experience best the peculiarity and primeval nature of the sites by our seven senses. During the tour, when being in a location with utmost importance, we experience merging with nature with the help of a trainer. We merge with the ancient history of the location via song rhythms and sounds in order to create a bridge to the Golden Age of our forefathers.

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