On the roads of the Estonian Epic Kalevipoeg (part 2)

TRACING THE FOOTSTEPS OF KALEVIPOEG, part 2 – two day bus trip to the locations connected to Estonian mythical hero  ̶ Kalevipoeg.

Adventurous journey through Estonian counties
(Harjumaa and Lääne-Virumaa)

first day:

  • Starting point. Gathering in Tallinn at 7:30 a.m.
  • Iru ämm (Iru mother-in-law), also known as Linda’s stone.
  • Sõitme. Kalev’s stone, erratic boulder.
  • Turje kelder (The cellar of Turje), one of the main waterfalls in Lahemaa national park.
  • Heap of stones “Koljuvare” at Juminda. Due to the legends it were brought here by the maidens of Kalev.
  • Odakivi (Spear’s stone) – huge erratic boulder, which located in coastal waters of Pärispea peninsula.
  • Painuva kivi (Painuva’s stone) – huge erratic boulder, which located in coastal waters of Pärispea peninsula.
  • Paistemägi (The hill of shining) and Külmaallikas (Cold spring).
  • Korjuse. Iiealune (Underneath of sacred grove), sacred groves and mysterious forest of Algemets.

second day:

  • Kallukse. Lodikivi (Lodi’s stone), huge erratic boulder. Külmaallikas (Cold spring).
  • landscape of Assamalla. Assamalla is rich in its heritage of Kalevipoeg, there are 13 hills related to the legends of the horse of Kalevipoeg.
  • Porkuni. Ratasjärv (Lake of the wheel). According to legends, here in this lake must be the wheel of Kalevipoeg.
  • Jõepere. Kalevipoja allikad (Kalevipoeg’s springs).
  • Neeruti. Eesjärv and Tagajärv (Headmost and hindermost lake) lakes and Sadulamägi hill (Neeruti Landscape Conservation area).
  • Kupukivi (Kupu’s stone), huge erratic boulder. The boulder associated with the maiden of Kalev or with the wife of Kalevipoeg.
  • Arrival to Tallinn ca 22:00

PRICES: 105 euros and 90 euros (pensioner, pupil and student). No participation-fee for preschoolers. Additional information and booking: Marek Laimets, tel. 56 659 543, e-mail: marek@ajamatkad.ee

The price includes:
– coach trip
– tour-guide’s service and a training of cognition of nature
– accomodation with breakfast at tourism farm

For additional pay:
– dinner in tourism farm

– A possibility to order from Tallinn (Mamo catering) a picnic basket full of light snacks (food & drink). Ask for menu, if interested. You are also welcome to choose a menu of your own… but, please, order in advance!

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