Pedaslauka trip

Name of hiking trip: PEDASLAUKA TRIP
Rough length of hiking trip: 5 km
Location: Pedaslaugas bog-pool, Pedasluakasaar swamp island, Koitjärve bog, Põhja-Kõrvemaa Nature Reserve, Kuusalu parish, Harju county

We will hike to Pedaslaugas (in english: bog-pool of pine), make a circle around it, then turn to Pedaslaukasaar (in english: an island of bog-pool of pine), a former asylum near Pedaslaugas edge. In summer when the weather is warm, it is also possible to visit Pedaslaukasaar south-east shore not walking, but swimming. Pedaslaugas is the ideal place for swimming and spending the time as, differently from other water-logged swamps, the bottom of Pedaslaugas is mainly covered with flat limestone. Of course, in some places you may come across a single root of a tree laid on the bottom, however, it will not spoil the pleasure of hiking there. Where else could you find a wild SPA with a bottom where you can easily walk? The average depth of water is 1-1,3m. Everyone who cannot or does not want to swim may simply splash anyway. But the real gems are six tiny islets in the middle of the lake, with a single dumpy spruce or pine tree growing on a few islets. The size of islets only allows 1-2 people stand there at a time. The islets command fantastic views. To the east there are Pikapõllu hills, while stunning views of a flat bog of Koitjärve open to the west and north-west, on the east-north the landscape presents a high pine forest on Pedaslaukasaar, and a boggy forest of Koitjärve lies to the south. We will also hike along Pikklaugas (in english: long bog-pool) shores, making a circle. You can swim there too, and have a look at a small islet (0.1 ha), covered with a grove, just in the middle of the lake. The islet on Pikklaugas lake is only separated by 25m of water, so anyone can easily swim there. On the way back we will step onto Lohusaar (in english: an island of hollow) swamp island to explore a rectangular trough that might still contain the ruins of forest brothers’ bunker. In the course of trekking adventure, we will retell you local legends, speak about the history of ancient Estonians, the mythology and traditions. The menu of lunch break in Pedaslaukasaar includes hot tea boiled from plants grown in the Estonian countryside, freshly baked scones, and chocolate for dessert. A variety of gastronomic experiences are available in the cranberry (April-May and August-November), barberry (July), cloudberry (July) harvesting periods. At the end of hiking tour, for additional pay, you can order a rich supper in the Vikings’ settlement, located in Saula village. Menus are provided upon a request. Hikers, who wish to order supper, should make order not later than a day in advance, indicating their choice of dishes. There is also an opportunity to enjoy an archaic cave sauna. Cave sauna is presumably one of the most archaic types of sauna. For ages, a countless number of sauna users enjoyed steam bath benefits. Sauna has always had a strong magical importance in traditional life of Estonians. We have been using sauna as a way to hunt away evil spirits, or place for keeping fit. Sauna was a place where life started and ended. Sauna bench may accommodate 10 people, and up to 20 people can share tables in the dressing-room.

Summer season 01.05-30.10

Winter season 01.12-01.03

Recommended maximum amount of participators in hiking trip – 8-12 persons

Price per person – 33 euros. Price includes guide service (2 guides), hot tea (boiled from plants grown in the Estonian countryside) and singing ancient Estonian metre songs with harp accompaniment. In addition it includes pay for use of straw shoes. Hiking tours last around 6 hours, meal, drink and stops for break included.

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