Tarsimäe trip

Name of hiking trip: TARSIMÄE TRIP
Rough length of hiking trip: 7 km
Location: Keava bog, Kõnnumaa Landscape Reserve, Kehtna parish, Rapla county

The route to Tarsimägi takes hikers across a beautiful broad Keava bog. We shall enjoy moments spent on the bog, breathing in all its beauty. We will hike to a mountainous Tarsimägi swamp island covered with the old lime-trees. The locals call it Suur-Tarsimägi. In the north-east of Tarsimägi we will have a look at a local landmark – a tree with a “sacrifice vessel”. Due to its knob-and-kettle topography the swamp island is full of temporary lakes formed by fall-outs in rainy seasons. Apart from Tarsimägi we will also hike to Naadimägi,  Kaunismägi and a few other smaller swamp islands. All of them are covered with old fairy-tale-looking groves, fauna assemblage of which includes lots of lime-trees and oak-trees. A bog around Tarsimägi is rich in different cupped-plants. Just before the summer solstice and the week after, in the peak of their blossom, it looks especially vivid, offering tourists a pure delight and unforgettable experience. In the mushroom season the swamp forests are rich in red-capped scaber stalks and brown-capped boletus mushrooms. On the way back we shall pass watersheds of Keava bog and use the opportunity to admire fantastic views. Cranberry gastronomic experiences are offered in the harvesting period (April-May and August-November). The menu of lunch break in Tarsimägi includes hot tea boiled from plants grown in the Estonian countryside, freshly baked scones, and chocolate for dessert. At the end of hiking day you can order a rich supper from organic products which is served in Lau village. Supper and a choice of dishes should be pre-ordered 3 days before. In addition, there is an opportunity to go to a smoke sauna and stay in the village for a night. An archaic looking smoke sauna is located near an idyllically peaceful pond, reflecting back the look, feel and smell of how people lived in the olden days. It plays the main role in time traveling (Ajamatkad), in bringing us back to our past.

Summer season 01.05-30.10

Winter season 01.12-01.03

recommended maximum amount of participators in hiking trip – 8 persons

prices start from 40 euros depending on how many people participate in this trip. in case of bigger groups, please ask for special price. special prices can ask also those hikers, who come from other parts of Estonia, it means, from outside of Tallinn, and who come on to repeated trip or on to two or more different trips. prices include trekking with guide there and back and transport to and from trekking area. bog trekking (marked in table with *) includes pay for use of straw shoes. hiking tours last 5-8 hours, meals, drink and stops for break included.

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