Valkse trip

Name of hiking trip: VALKSE TRIP
Rough length of hiking trip: 6 km
Location: Valkse abandoned village, Piirsalu village, Risti parish, Lääne county

We will walk around the village and a farm, see ground works or ruins, lots of stone fences, old wells, old trees (which look a
bit like sacrificial groves), there are a lot of gigantic boulders and stones. The next, longer stops, are Onemaa (Õnnemaa), Paju, Valkse-Uuetoa and Uuevalkse. Early spring is the time for picking primroses and padelions (dew-cups). The spirit of the former village seems still to be floating above the place. Picturesque and splendid views unfold everywhere. Valkse village was build here many years ago by farmers-escapees, who ran away to the swamp island and lived there many years, cut off from the outer world, hidden from their landlords. We might say that first free Estonian peasants came right from Valkse. At the time when peasants in other places over Estonia groaned under the yoke of landlords, this place was like a state within a state – a so called non-official peasants’ republic amidst the slavery stricken Estonia. In the course of trekking adventure, we will retell you local legends, speak about the history of ancient Estonians, the mythology and traditions. We will learn to recognize various meadow, field, bog and forest plants. The menu of lunch break in Uuevalkse meadow (this place presents stunning views of surroundings) includes hot tea boiled from plants grown in the Estonian countryside, freshly baked scones, and chocolate for dessert. At the end of hiking day you can order a rich supper from organic products which is served in Lau village. Supper and a choice of dishes should be pre-ordered 3 days before. In addition, there is an opportunity to go to a smoke sauna and stay in the village for a night. An archaic looking smoke sauna is located near an idyllically peaceful pond, reflecting back the look, feel and smell of how people lived in the olden days. It plays the main role in time traveling (Ajamatkad), in bringing us back to our past.

Summer season 15.04-30.10

Winter season 01.12-01.03

recommended maximum amount of participators in hiking trip – 15 persons

for an exact price consult with a service provider. hiking tours last 5-8 hours, meals, drink and stops for break included.

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