Project about abandoned villages in Estonia

Introduction of the project of MTÜ Kultuuripärandi Hoidja “Aboriginal villages of Estonia which have faded in obscurity of times”

in acting on behalf of its own goals MTÜ Kultuuripärandi Hoidja wish to bring out a book “Aboriginal villages of Estonia which have faded in obscurity of times”.

Separate list of the villages, which we plan to reverberate in this book , will elicit in following pdf-file.

Example page: Valkse küla, lae pdf fail alla siit! 

List of the villages: 50 mahajäetud Eestimaa küla, lae PDF fail alla siit! 

More info about this will follow soon.

Yours sincerely.

Marek Laimets

MTÜ Kultuuripärandi Hoidja

Creative Direcor


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