Kanamatsi trip

Name of hiking trip: KANAMATSI TRIP
Rough length of hiking trip: 7 km (should hikers wish to visit a further located Hundisaar swamp island, the route is 10 km long)
Location: Kanamatsi bog, Endla Nature Reserve, Preedi village, Koeru parish, Järva county

Nature trails go through a mountainous Kanamatsisaar swamp island which is covered with a grove formed by the middle-aged trees. From late spring until mid-summer you can spot here interesting plant species, the rarest examples of which are such orchids like beautiful golden lady slipper and red helleborine. In the old days Kanamatsisaar used to be an asylum for local inhabitants in danger. We will also visit Kanamatsi bog-pool, on the way there and back we will pass other smaller bog-pools. Volunteers may swim. Kanamatsi bog with its open and stunning views is, surely, a pinpoint of the tour. One can see with his own eyes that the Lord did not stint on the beauty here. Optionally, should a group wish, we provide an opportunity to go to a mysterious, further located single Hundisaar swamp island. Hundisaar is covered with lots of spruces and aspens. In the course of trekking adventure, we will retell you local legends, speak about the history of ancient Estonians, the mythology and traditions. A variety of gastronomic experiences are available in the cranberry (April-May and August-November), barberry (July), cloudberry (July) harvesting periods. The mushroom season gives tasty red-capped scaber stalks and other wild mushrooms on Kanamatsisaar and Hundisaar. The approximate distance of the hiking route is. The menu of lunch break in Kanamatsisaar includes hot tea boiled from plants grown in the Estonian countryside, freshly baked scones, and chocolate for dessert. At the end of hiking day you can order a rich supper from organic products which is served in Lau village. Supper and a choice of dishes should be pre-ordered 3 days before. In addition, there is an opportunity to go to a smoke sauna and stay in the village for a night. An archaic looking smoke sauna is located near an idyllically peaceful pond, reflecting back the look, feel and smell of how people lived in the olden days. It plays the main role in time traveling (Ajamatkad), in bringing us back to our past.

Summer season 15.05-30.10

Winter season 01.12-01.03

recommended maximum amount of participators in hiking trip – 8 persons

for an exact price consult with a service provider. hiking tours last 5-8 hours, meals, drink and stops for break included.

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